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  • Ashley Gantt

Top 10 Florida Estate Planning Tips

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

As a Floridian, you have unique estate planning needs. The Gantt Legacy Law Firm has put together a list of the top 10 tips you need to know to get started on your estate plan.

1. Establish an Estate Plan as Soon as Possible

An estate plan is not just for the elderly. Everyone, regardless of age, should have an estate plan in place. This will ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of your incapacity or death.

2. Get Professional Help

Creating an estate plan can be complicated. It is important to seek out the assistance of a qualified professional who can help you navigate the process and ensure that your plan is carried out correctly.

3. Understand Your Assets

Take inventory of all your assets, including property, savings, investments, and life insurance policies. This will help you determine what needs to be included in your estate plan.

4. Determine Your Beneficiaries

You will need to designate who you want to receive your assets upon your death. This includes family members, friends, charities, or other organizations.

5. Consider Using a Trust

A trust can be a helpful tool in estate planning. Trusts can provide asset protection and tax advantages. They can also be used to manage assets for beneficiaries who are minors or have special needs.

6. Plan for Incapacity

An estate plan is not only for after you die. It is also important to plan for the possibility of incapacitation due to illness or injury. This includes creating documents such as a durable power of attorney and advance directives.

7. Make Your Wishes Known

Be sure to communicate your wishes regarding your estate plan to your loved ones and beneficiaries. This will help avoid conflict and confusion down the road.

8. Review Your Plan Regularly

Your estate plan should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it still meets your needs and objectives. This is especially important if there are changes in your life, such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or purchase of property.

9. Keep Your Documents Up-to-Date

Be sure to keep all your estate planning documents current and in a safe place where they can be easily accessed by your loved ones in the event of your death or incapacity.

10. Seek Out Professional Help When Needed

If you have questions about your estate plan or need assistance making changes, don’t hesitate to seek out the help of a qualified professional. The Gantt Legacy Law Firm can assist you with all aspects of estate planning. We offer free consultations so that we can learn about you and your unique needs.

These are just some general tips to get you started on your Florida Estate Plan! For more specific information tailored to your situation, book your consultation today.

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